While I understand this might be a ridiculous question to many people, I don’t have kids, so I don’t think about how old kids must be to sit in the front seat of a vehicle in Texas. In fact, when my nephew was growing up, I remember having to run to the store and he wanted to go, it was then that I realized that I needed to get his car seat from his parent's vehicle before starting the journey. It’s just something I wasn’t used to thinking about. So, going back to the question, do you know how old a kid must be before it is legal for them to sit in the front seat in Texas? 

Seeing as how I am not an expert on child safety seats and all that fun stuff I wanted to go to a credible source so I visited the Texas Department of Public Safety website. According to their website, children in the state of Texas may sit in the front seat of a vehicle at 8-years-old. A simple yet important reminder for everyone that you should be using your seatbelt when riding in a vehicle no matter your age. 

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Different Guidelines for Certain Heights 

There are different stages for younger passengers riding in your vehicle. Children younger than eight years old or shorter than 4’9 must be in a car seat. I highly encourage you to visit their website with so much information regarding the different age groups and the requirements for each of the groups.  

It’s All About Safety 

While Texans don’t always like the government making laws, these ones regarding children remaining safe while in a vehicle is so important. Also, make sure when you’re using a car seat that it’s installed correctly and compatible with your vehicle.  

If you can’t afford a car seat, you can contact the Department of State Health Services Texas at 800-252-8255. 

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