Our "Big In Texas" series continues and we have *no limits* on the topics.

This time around we're looking at who are the richest people in Texas. Texas has long been the home of the iconic Texas oilman, and believe it or not, an oilman didn't even make the top 3!

I guess we'll start right at the top since you probably already guessed the richest of the rich. "The Biggest Bank Account" award goes to Elon Musk according to Forbes magazine. At the time of the survey in October, Forbes put Musk's net worth at $251 billion dollars. THAT, is a heck of a lot of loot for the recent Texas transplant.

At number two is the founder of Dell Computers, Michael Dell. Forbes puts Dell's fortune at 71+ billion. I don't know what else to say about Dell, other than you are most likely on one of his computers, or have one at home, right now. I know I've certainly owned a Dell Computer or two.

Coming at number three is one of the owners of Walmart (imagine that). Alice Walton is sitting on about 66 billion.  Even though that's nowhere near the pile of money Elon has, it's still a big Scrooge McDuck-sized pile (seriously, have you ever wanted to sit on a pile of money the way he does in cartoons? I know I have). That's not bad for the only daughter of founder Sam Walton. Don't think she's just a nepo baby either, this lady has a list of business skills as long as your arm.

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