An expectant mother flipped out and destroyed her own gender reveal party after finding out that she was going to be having another girl. A video of the party was shared to TikTok and has since gone viral with over 700,000 views and nearly 11,000 comments.

It's pretty sad, guys. I can understand being a little disappointed that you aren't having a boy if you've already got a slew of girls, but destroying a beautiful party in front of your friends and family is pretty horrible.

Imagine what the little girl will feel like when someone shows her the video of her mother's reaction someday. Hopefully, it's long gone before she's old enough to know just how upset her mother was when she learned she'd have another baby girl.

Check out the video below:

Honestly, what's the point of having a gender reveal party when you are that dead-set on having a boy? She could have saved herself from the embarrassment by simply finding out at the doctor instead of acting this way in front of her other children and company.

Maybe it can all be blamed on hormones or something? I can't really think of a very good excuse other than that.

Here are a few of the comments from below the video:

"And I just want a healthy baby."

"And that's when rejection started!"

"She did know it was a 50/50 chance?"

"The way I'd feel so awkward & just leave. Is she okay, though, for real? That seems so extreme. I understand pregnancy hormones but someone check up on her."

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