Amarillo, Texas is home to plenty of famous people, some who are infamous, and some who walk the fine line between the two. Amarillo Slim is one of those individuals. His exploits are legendary, and every new story you hear about Slim seems crazier than the last. Take for instance the time he supposedly hustled the US Navy.

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Amarillo Slim - Legendary Poker Player From Amarillo, Texas

Amarillo Slim is a legend for his ability to hustle. He was a world-famous poker player. Slim's skill was so well known that he was asked to play cards with some of the most powerful people in the world. He even played cards with Pablo Escobar, though I doubt Slim had much say in whether or not he wanted to.

Stories abound of his ability to make ridiculous bets and always come out on top. For instance, he would supposedly wager people to a game of billiards with the only rule being you had to use a broomstick instead of a pool cue. Unbeknownst to his rivals, Slim had spent time perfecting the awkward talent.

Amarillo Slim Meets The US Navy

On a recent episode of the Lie, Cheat & Steal podcast the story of Amarillo Slim and the US Navy was told. In all honesty, the story sounds like something Slim would do.

Supposedly, Slim picked up a job moving people away from the Bikini Atoll. With plenty of time at his disposal, he decided to hustle everyone on board in cards. Allegedly, he made so much money that he had to dump his clothes overboard to have room to pack away the cash.

According to legend, he didn't even charge for his services. He supposedly volunteered for the job.

Check out the video above for more stories about Amarillo Slim.

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