Remember back in the days of the pandemic? I know that seems like it was just yesterday but we are coming up on four years ago. A lifetime away but there were some things that made life easier.

That is when people really started utilizing services like DoorDash. Heck, we were even able to have alcohol delivered. Something that has hung around. Even grocery shopping changed.

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Remember when we had to go up and down the aisles following arrows? We went up one aisle and down the other. It kept the flow of traffic easier. It kept fewer people down the aisle. It just made me realize that if I forgot something I could push my cart backwards down the aisle so it looked like I was heading in the right direction.

Who would think that grocery shopping could become a nightmare? It really can. Any time I need a particular item and I get to that aisle there are carts all over the place. I don't know which way to go. I sometimes opt to leave my cart out of the way and head down the way solo so I can get what I need.

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I don't know who really needs to hear this but if you head down that aisle like you do when you are driving life will be easier. If you are going up the aisle always make sure you are on the right of the aisle. If you are going down make sure you are on your right as well. Just like driving down Georgia Street. It's not hard.

It clears up a lot of congestion. I saw a discussion about this on social media. Most people thought this was common knowledge but thinking about my last trip to the grocery store I know it is not.

People are trying to figure out where to go. If something happens to be across the aisle on the opposite side it's not the end of the world. You just wait a second to where you are not in anyone's way and grab it.

I don't know why it has to be so hard but looking up an aisle we sometimes see carts all over the place and people having to go around people and others going the wrong direction.

If everyone followed the rules of driving I promise it would make things a lot smoother. At least that is a start. Grocery shopping can be enjoyable again, that is until you have to go to the register and see the final price. I can't help you there.

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