Have you taken the time to get your TSA PreCheck yet here in Amarillo? You might think you don't really need it. Our airport never has a miserable wait time to get through TSA. Oh, I get that but let me tell you it is the best thing I have ever done.

Back in 2019, there was a pre-check event here in Amarillo. I went back and forth about getting it. I didn't know how much traveling I would be doing. I ultimately decided to sign up. I am so glad that I did. Even with the travelling being way down in 2020 during the pandemic I still did have a flight. It saved me time.

Oh, and the pre-check is good for five years. Mine expires this July and guess what? I already renewed. The nice part is once you go through the process you can renew online.

Having the TSA PreCheck saved me in so many ways. I mean I don't have to take off my shoes, belt, or light jacket. That is nice. I don't have to empty my laptop bag. I don't have to have all of my liquids in a plastic bag that I remove while going through.

The big save was when my granddaughter was born. I traveled several times with her and my daughter. I had TSA Pre-check, but my daughter didn't. So I was able to take my granddaughter and her bag through with me. That saved so many headaches.

You will be thankful when you fly out of any big airport heading home. I promise you. It is so worth the about eighty dollars it will cost you. Oh, and as luck would have it Amarillo is about to have an event to help you get your TSA PreCheck.

It will be happening at Rick Husband International Airport from May 20th - 24th. The important thing to know is that you have to make an appointment and they fill up fast. So I wouldn't wait. You can start the process HERE.

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