We like to think that we can predict the weather. Yes, us regular ol' folks without a meteorology degree have all sorts of ways to tell you how mild or severe our winter will be.

We even check out the Farmer's Almanac for a little backing up regarding our guesses. We may have severe joint pain and all of a sudden we holler about how cold and snowy it will be. We look at the prediction and think that our knees sure could call that.

From everything I have seen from the Farmer's Almanac that guess is going to be pretty good. I mean they have already put it out there that this may be a bit harsher than we would like. 

So we would like to add to our knowledge when it comes to trying to figure out how mild or crazy it is going to be this winter. You can look to nature to help make that prediction. One way that you may have noticed is our season of yellow jackets.

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Yellow jackets are wasps that we see here in the Texas Panhandle. Some years we are overrun by them. Some years they are pretty mild. Either way, if you notice a lot of them as it is getting closer to winter we may be headed for some trouble.

That is a prediction of our winter to come. Have you noticed a lot hanging out in Amarillo? They are in the process of looking for their winter home. They are ready to hibernate for the winter.

So if you are seeing a lot of them now that can be a bad sign. I guess only time will tell if this prediction is correct. I really hope that our winter is not that bad. I always wish for that.

Here is to a great winter ahead for the Texas Panhandle.

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