Have you ever had a driver cut you off on I40 here in Amarillo? Of course, you have. If not that driving experience you have witnessed bad drivers. No doubt you want to scream. You want to get road rage. It's not a smart move.

Maybe you had a bad day at work. You have to do all the work for your annoying co-worker. Your boss may have called another long, boring meeting that could have just been an email.

You get home and the kids are acting up. They have left their clothes and dirty dishes all over the house. You are going to lose it. The best way to deal with all of that frustration is by breaking stuff. Did you know that Amarillo has a place that encourages you to do just that?

Where Can You Go in Amarillo to Just Break Stuff?

It's called All the Rage. It has been around Amarillo for three years. It has been a great place to bust up stuff and not have to deal with the aftermath. The only problem is this place is about to shut its doors.

After three years they are cleaning up their busted dishes and equipment and shutting the doors. Luckily this is one of those closings where they actually give you some notice. They are going to be open for the rest of this month.

They are by appointment only but they do have some still available. So if the kiddos are already driving you up the wall during Spring Break, this may be your outlet. You might want to scream and throw things at home but just think of the mess.

You can still make an appointment at All the Rage and get it all out the right way. You can find an appointment and book it HERE. 

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