It all started with a simple closing of a restaurant on Halloween. OK, some places give their staff off for some holidays so maybe this wasn't so crazy. That one closed day didn't necessarily mean things were not looking up for a restaurant that a lot of us loved.

Then a couple of weeks later things started to look a little bleaker for Beef O'Brady's. They were closed due to staffing issues. That quickly changed to they were closed until further notice. No reason why. We were worried then that things weren't looking good. That was just a couple of weeks ago.

Things are starting to look even worse. A new notice. This one is not from the people at Beef O'Brady's. Not this time. It was a Notice of Lock-Out that was placed on their doors.

credit: Melissa Bartlett, TSM
credit: Melissa Bartlett, TSM

Their other sign about being closed until further notice is gone. This Notice of Lock-Out says it all. They are definitely closed until further notice. It seems like it is going to be much further notice. The landlord locked them out. They are in default of their lease according to the paper on their door.

credit: Melissa Bartlett, TSM
credit: Melissa Bartlett, TSM

Things are not looking good at all. Will they be able to bounce back? I mean I really hope that they can. Beef O'Brady's has been a place that my former co-workers and I went to each and every week.

Beef's was the place my daughter and I would go to on birthdays and Mother's Day. Each and every year. They have had some issues but it definitely was something I could see them making a comeback from. I really hope this is not the end.

When I told my daughter she said this news made her really sad. That was the first place she had her first drink when she turned twenty-one. Beef O' Brady's has been a part of her life for many many years. Mine too. That was one place we visited every time she came to town to get her Brandi fries. A perfect seasoning was added to the fries that then employee Brandi came up with.

Those Brandi fries became a thing that many would go in and order. To think that we may not be able to again stings a bit. We will keep an eye on this location. I know there has been some foreshadowing that this could happen but hopefully, this is not the final chapter.

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