It seems more common every day, especially in traffic...getting flipped off. Yes, the bird has been flying around a lot in the last ten years. I guess the real question is - are you breaking any laws by flipping someone off?!

Well, the short answer is "no."  That even includes flipping the bird to an officer of the law. However, I would heavily suggest against this ultimate display of disrespect. Flipping someone off falls under Freedom of Speech and the right to express ourselves. The Dallas-based Beltz Law Firm breaks it down on their legal website

"this constitutional standard because it is tied directly to all of our freedom of speech rights.  Should a person flip off a police officer?  Probably not in most cases.  But should that action be considered illegal?  Absolutely not.  And the same goes for others.  We all have thicker skins than to be incited to violence over someone flipping us off.  And this is why in most cases a simple flipping of the bird will not arise to the level of a criminal charge.  Does that mean it won’t rise to that level in every case? No.  But in most cases, it will not be considered criminal."

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Ok. Freedom of Speech - I get it.  However, Insurance Navy claims you could be in trouble for flipping the bird if there is suspicion of road rage...

"Giving someone the middle finger or flipping off while driving isn’t outright illegal, but that is no excuse for doing something rude. If an officer is present, they can issue you a ticket for disorderly conduct or pull you over on suspicion of road rage or reckless driving if you’re moving erratically enough."

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My advice - let it go.  I know that is easier said than done.  Drive safely and keep your fingers to yourself.

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