We've all done it.  We've made that fast turn without signaling.  So the burning question is - Is it illegal to not use your blinker and can you get a ticket for it?  The answer is a resounding "Yes!"

According to myhighplains.com, you could get a pretty hefty fine for not using your blinker...

"According to the Texas Transportation Code, the general penalty for a person who is convicted of a moving violation like failing to use a turn signal includes a fine of up to $200. However, due to court processing costs, some counties and municipalities have a record of costs related to turn signal violations reaching up to $210."

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This is even if you are in a turn lane! There are no exceptions. According the the Texas Transportation code...

"A driver needs to use a turn signal every time they intend to turn, change lanes, or start from a parked position; A driver intending to turn a vehicle needs to signal continuously “for not less than the last 100 feet of movement” before the turn; and A driver may not use signals on only one side of a parked or disabled vehicle or use the signals as a courtesy or “do pass” signal to another driver approaching from the rear."

So, to avoid any nonsense, it may be time to start using that blinker for everything you do on the road.

Ok, let's go the other way with it - can you get a ticket or citation for leaving your blinker on too long? Well, there no law on a time limit a blinker can be on, however, this may be a signal to a cop there may be another issue...drinking, drug use, hanky panky. So, I suggest you make sure this doesn't happen either.


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