The sounds of the birds chirping, the warm breeze (ok, mild wind), the leaves returning, the grass turning green. All signs that spring is rapidly approaching in Amarillo. Oh, I forgot to mention the temperamental moods swings in temperature as well.

We've had quite a few days recently that have lived at 70 degrees or above, and many people are out taking advantage of that. I know, because I'm one of them. The first official day of spring is technically March 19th, even if it's already feeling like it's arrived.

The first day of spring means more than just supposed warm weather for the next 7 months. It means outdoor activities will ramps up, the kids will be outside playing a little more than usual, and they're going to come in wanting something cold to eat and drink.

Spring also marks the official time of everyone wanting to indulge in ice cream constantly. It doesn't help that we sometimes get brainwashed into wanting ice cream, thanks to the beautiful sounds of the ice cream truck rolling around your neighborhood.

Well good news for all you ice cream lovers. Dairy Queen is back with their annual free cone day on the first day of spring. You can get that first taste of creamy, frozen goodness for free on the first day of spring just by stopping into your nearest DQ.

No, you don't need to purchase anything, just go in and let them know you'd like to get that free small plain cone to kick off spring the right way. So make sure you pack up the family and head over to Dairy Queen to kick off spring right.

Is there any rule about visiting multiple DQ's to get multiple free cones? I kid, I kid...then again, maybe I don't.

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