You know the saying "you learn something new every day"? Well, I can say that is very much true for me right now. With all the announcements of stores and restaurants closing in Amarillo lately, I like to keep an eye on websites to see who's open and who's closing.

Westgate Mall has a tendency to have some turnover, especially lately. Rue 21 and The Limited are closing stores all over the country and those are straight up mall type of stores.

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I went to the Westgate Mall website just to peruse the most recent version of the directory. First, I can tell you they do a great job of keeping it up to date, so you always know which stores and food joints are there.

Here's the one thing I saw that I never realized they did, and I bet there's a good chance you didn't know this either.

When you look at the Westgate Mall directory online, they'll show you if any of the stores in the mall are currently running sales. I saw that out of 81 total places in the mall, 19 of them were currently listing a sale.

Now I know it would've been just as easy to hop in the car and roll over to the mall, but unless I have a reason to go, I don't typically make it a habit to stroll the mall like I did when I was in high school.

Now, I may find more reasons to go. Not only do they show you which stores are having a sale, but you can click on the particular store and it'll tell you the exact sale they have going on. Crazy right?

Best part about it? They stay so up-to-date on the site that they'll even list DAILY deals and sales going on in the stores. Like for example, did you know Maurice's is doing a buy one, get one free sale today only (May 22)?

Maybe Hollister is more your speed, and through tomorrow, pretty much everything in the store is buy one, get one 50% off.

I swear, I would've been better off NOT knowing this information, but now I've got a site that I have to check daily, and a bank account that I'm going to have to fatten up quickly, because I'm a sucker for a good deal.

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