If there is one thing about living in Texas, it is cooking, grilling and smoking food.  From Amarillo to Laredo, Dallas to Austin, El Paso to Corpus Christi, people are cooking and using seasonings.

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That's why it is important to check your pantry for this popular spice especially if you have food allergies.   It is a life-and-death situation for people who have certain allergies.

Baron Spices, Inc., known for Blues Hog Sauces and Seasonings in St. Louis, MO, recalls one of its popular products.

Blues Hog Sweet and Savory Seasoning

Blues Hog

A recall has been issued for this product due to the presence of undeclared allergens, Soy and Wheat. Baron Spices, Inc. received a replacement ingredient from a supplier that contained soy and wheat, which were not present in the original Blues Hog Sweet and Savory Seasoning.

Due to this, the company is recalling the seasoning.   This particular batch of Blues Hog Sweet and Savory Seasoning was sold in Maryland, Virginia, Washington DC, and Delaware.  The product would have been purchased through Giant Food Stores.

If you have an allergy to Soy and Wheat, consuming this product could cause a serious or life-threatening allergic reaction.


The Blues Hog Sweet and Savory Seasoning comes in 6.25oz plastic bottles with a lot numbers 034-363 and 034-364.

If you have purchased the Blues Hog Sweet and Savory Seasoning with these lot numbers you are encouraged to return the product at the point of purchase or throw it away. If you have any questions contact Baron Spices, Inc at 1-800-622-2190. At this time no illnesses have been reported from the use of this particular product.

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