It's always fun to hear about a new store opening in Amarillo, Texas.  It's even better when it's something to eat.  A city can never have enough places to stop and enjoy a sweet treat.

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The new store moving into Amarillo will guarantee that every cookie lover in town will turn into Cookie Monster and enjoy some delicious cookies.

Dirty Dough Cookies

Dirty Dough
Dirty Dough

That's such a fun and unique name when it comes to cookies.  However, Dirty Dough is bringing some unique cookies into Amarillo.

Dirty Dough was founded in a dorm room in Arizona, and spread across the United States.

What Makes Dirty Dough Different from Other Places?

<p>According to their <a href="" target="_blank">website</a>, Dirty Dough cookies are engineered from the inside out, with every cookie featuring some combination of layers, mix-ins, or filling within the dough.</p><p>The unique flavor profiles and trademark gooey goodness of our cookies set us apart from other cookie-cutter brands (see what we did there?).</p>

Just looking at the cookies they look like mounds of heavenly deliciousness.

Dirty Dough
Dirty Dough

Where will they be located?

Amarillo's Dirty Dough will be located in the Western Crossing Shopping Center, at 2201 S. Western, Ste. 60,  between Quest Diagnostics and the Crackin' Crab.


We reached out to the company to find out when the opening date is scheduled, but we had yet to receive a response at the time of publishing.   In the meantime, we get to dream about delicious mounds of ooey gooey goodness.

Dirty Dough will have their classic cookies available and weekly cookie flavors.

Your sweet tooth is gonna be spoiled with Dirty Dough Cookies!

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