Who knew fried chicken and fish were such a passion for the residents of Amarillo?

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Many people in Amarillo in the surrounding areas have a love for Long John Silver's.  This is one restaurant the people of the Texas Panhandle would love to see back in the area. It's almost a rabid obsession.  People will drive 2-hours just to eat at Long John Silver's.  If you love something so much the miles don't matter, you'll travel across the country for it.  So no judgment on the LJS love.

However, if Amarillo ever does see a new Long John Silver's, the one stipulation is that it is run properly and with pride.  No one wants to eat at a dirty establishment with layers of grease on the floor and two-week-old grease (this may be an exaggeration).

The people of Amarillo and the Texas Panhandle miss their fish, chicken, hushpuppies, and crumbles.

Lori Crofford
Lori Crofford

A person who we will name troll (that's because that is what this person was doing), commented on a local Facebook page post. The Facebook troll posted that they were thinking about bringing the LJS franchise back to Amarillo.  Well, that wasn't true and the troll was just trying to mess with and destroy the hope of those who love Long John Silver's.

GOOD NEWS: We reached out to the Long John Corporate offices and they are happy Amarillo wants a LJS.

We flat out asked if there was any way a new Long John Silver's would be moving back to Amarillo or anywhere in the Texas Panhandle.   We also told them about the love Amarillo had for LJS.  Heck, we even shared the posts and comments that you shared with us about your love for Long John Silver's and how much you would like to see it back in town.

We are also happy to hear that Amarillo loves Long John Silver’s. We’ll connect with our team to learn more about any store plans in the area and will circle back with any updates. -Long John Silver’s Representative

BAD NEWS: We aren't getting a LJS...yet?

It's possible we could see a Long John Silver's back in Amarillo in the near future, but let's be proactive in getting one.

Let's get Long John Silver's Back to Amarillo!

Contact Long John Silver's Corporate here.

Send them messages on their social media:

We wait with bated breath in the hopes that they will see how much we love it and will build a new location here in Amarillo.

If we are lucky enough to get Long John Silver's back to Amarillo we as a community have to support it, by eating there and working with pride in the establishment.  The franchise owner will also have to have pride in the restaurant and treat their employees with respect and a liveable wage.  Happy employees = an amazing business.

Bring on the fish and chicken!

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