Amarillo offers plenty of dining options. But when it comes to choosing a place for lunch or dinner.  One spot that often comes to mind when you want something filling and good, is this Amarillo restaurant. This restaurant knows how to wrap up some delicious food.

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Sharky's Burrito Company

TSM Amarillo
TSM Amarillo

Sharky's first opened its doors on July 5, 2002.  Brent Epps and his family opened the restaurant with his friend and mentor by his side, Loreto Gonzalez aka Sharky.  Sharky passed away in 2018 but his legacy lives on every day.   The family-owned restaurant is currently run by founder Brent Epps and his son Taylor.

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On any given day you will find one or the other or both in the trenches, putting out great food for everyone in Amarillo and those passing through.

Sharky's Big Ol Burrito

Let's face it for most, you can get at least 2 meals out of one of their burritos.   You cannot go wrong with their Big (or Bigger) barbacoa on a jalapeno cheddar wrap topped with all your favorite ingredients.

For myself, it is the big barbacoa on jalapeno cheddar with refried beans, a little rice, lettuce, black olives, shredded cheese, and smidge of sour cream.  Oh and spicy ranch, their spicy ranch must be made in heaven because it is so good.

Everyone has their favorite order at Sharky's.  Some opt for their salad, which is your choice of ingredients inside a shell or without, or you can order their amazing nachos.

Just know that when you have a meal at Sharky's you are going to leave full, not just full, beyond full.

Celebrate With Them On July 5th

If you are craving one of their burritos, make sure to stop in on Friday, July 5th, and celebrate 20 years with them.  Oh, and you can order online and pick up at their pick-up window.

As we see the closures of some beloved Amarillo restaurants it is great to celebrate an anniversary with one of Amarillo's greats.

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