When it comes to insurance, it is a necessary evil.  However, a lot of businesses in Amarillo, Lubbock, and Midland/Odessa cannot afford to provide insurance to their employees or need a better option.

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Luckily, a new insurance option has made its way into Texas and is here to offer affordable plans for Texas businesses


Texicare is a part of Texas Mutual.  In 2021, the Texas Legislature asked Texas Mutal to research options that would help small businesses to provide insurance to their employees.  The plan was approved in 2022 and now it is coming to the Texas Panhandle and West Texas.

What will Texicare Provide?

Texicare has an Essential Care plan.  This plan allows four visits to primary care physicians, urgent care, specialists, mental health providers, and physical therapy with zero cost.  Those on this plan have access to free virtual care.  Virtual care is unlimited.  Prescription payments are low as well, with a payment of $5 for common prescriptions.  Common maintenance labs will also cost nothing.

Not only will small businesses be able to offer their employees affordable insurance, they will now be able to offer a Savings Care plan.  Employees will be able to make tax-free contributions to a health savings account.  Payments made from this account for healthcare will be tax-free.  Employees will also be able to earn interest on pre-tax dollars.

“In our plans, members will find holistic care anchored in affordability and accessibility. We are born and bred in Texas and have made it our highest priority to listen to what Texans want in their health care plans.”

Small businesses in Amarillo, Lubbock, Midland, Odessa, and those towns in these areas can start looking into bringing Texicare to their employees.

Being a small business and not being able to offer your employees can change.  Being able to offer benefits can be a great way to hire more dependable employees who will stay with your business longer.

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