Today we celebrate President's Day in Amarillo, T,exas and all over the country.

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Presidents Day is a day to celebrate all those who have served as Commander in Chief.  It was originally celebrated in 1885 to honor the first president George Washington.   Many states were celebrating Washington's Birthday, as well as celebrating Lincoln's birthday.  Then in 1971 as a part of the Uniform Monday Holiday Act, President's Day was created and celebrated on the third Monday of February.  Although some states still celebrate both Washington's and Lincoln's birthdays separately.

Amarillo has a rich history of President's visiting the city

It's a list that goes back as far as President Franklin Roosevelt.   Having a President or former President visit the great Yellow City is always an honor.

Presidents Who Have Visited Amarillo

These are the Presidents who have visited Amarillo over the years either before, during, or after their term(s) as president.

Gallery Credit: Lori Crofford

As you celebrate President's Day remember that these Presidents visited Amarillo.  Who knows what the future holds for Amarillo, it is possible we'll see even more Presidents drop into town before or after their terms.  Maybe one day we'll see a President born and raised here.

"Hail To The Chief" With These 10 Presidents' Day Cards

Wish that special American in your life a Happy Presidents' Day with these 10 Commanders In Chief.

Gallery Credit: Mikey Foley

Famous Presidential Pets

Gallery Credit: Stephanie Crist

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