You may have heard people say over and over again, "There is nothing to do in Amarillo."  If you look you can find a ton of things to do in Amarillo.

In fact, some of the most interesting events pop up in Amarillo at any given time.  Events you may or may not have heard of before, but seem very interesting.

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If you scroll through social media enough you can find some pretty interesting things to do for fun.  Heck, Facebook may just splash it in your feed (gotta love targeting). Let's just say that's what happened with this event.

Scrolling through Facebook, a post popped up with a witches caldron, and promises of booziness, witches, and wizards

Why would this be popping up?

The only witches and wizards that might have been searched involve TV shows, like Charmed, Sabrina the Teenage Witch, or Hocus Pocus.  Maybe that was enough to bring this charming event.

The Boozy Cauldron is a pop-up event coming to Amarillo.

It looks to be a very interesting and very fun night of cocktails made the wizardly witchy way.

The Boozy Cauldron is a tavern that will be arriving in Amarillo temporarily on May 11th and 12th.  It is a pop-up event, and it will have a very interesting cocktail experience.  Witches and Wizards will take you on their magical journey where you will get to enjoy signature cocktails.  Hear tales of ghosts that haunt the famous tavern.  This interactive show lasts 90 minutes.

Some of the cocktails you will get to experience in this ghostly adventure include Buttered Beer, Black Magic a la Framboise, Dragons Breath, and the Cookie Butter Cocktail Elixir.

The Boozy Cauldron will be taking place at The Historic Apothecary House (aka In This Moment Event Venue) at 707 S. Polk.  The pop-up event will be in Amarillo for 2 days.

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