Amarillo, Texas has seen its share of drug busts.  Each drug bust that happens in our area means fewer drugs on our streets.

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Potter County Sheriff's were able to keep more drugs off the Amarillo streets thanks to the most recent drug bust.

On March 25th, the Special Operations Division of Potter County Sheriff's Office conducted a search warrant at a motel located in the 3600 block of Amarillo Blvd East.


During the search, they found a large number of drugs including 100 ecstasy pills which included Fentanyl, and 10 grams of methamphetamines.

They also recovered a firearm, a .22 revolver,  in the search.

The suspect was Mark Roper.  Potter County Sheriff's arrested Roper and booked him into the Potter County Jail.  Roper received two charges for Possession of a controlled substance PG 1>4G<200G, and Unlawful possession of a firearm by a felon.


The case is still under investigation.

Just a few weeks ago, a traffic stop led to a huge Fentanyl bust in which 520 Fentanyl pills were found along with $45,000.

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