Some people have a swear jar at home. This couple has a "Taylor Swift jar."

Speaking to People, Swift fan and Maryland realtor Dana Rice said her husband, Dan, made a "Taylor Swift jar" for her because he could not take hearing about Swift anymore in their home.

Now, every time she mentions the pop star, she has to drop 25 cents into the jar.

"To be honest, he was annoying me because I was trying to get some things done," Dana told People about the first time she saw the jar.

"When I came around the corner, the jar caught me off guard because he was so unceremoniously creating it," she added.

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Dan gave Dana a roll of quarters to start out with, all of which went "straight into the jar."

Another condition is that any mention of Swift's boyfriend, Chiefs player Travis Kelce, also costs 25 cents.

The jar is labeled: "Any mention of T. Swift and you owe $0.25. I can't take it anymore."

Dana told People she was not always a fan of Swift, but that the pop star's Eras Tour changed that for her.

"I’ve always been a sing-along kind of Taylor Swift fan. It wasn’t until I read comments from non-music industry leaders talking about her tour last spring that I realized I should learn a little more about this person," she shared.

Dana admitted once became engrossed in the "lore" around Swift, she couldn't "stop consuming it." Now, it's costing her — all in good fun, though.

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