A woman on Reddit says she sent her house cleaner away after discovering the young woman helped herself and her little sister to the woman's newly bought cake, which was supposed to be a surprise for her daughter.

"I needed cleaning so last week I called an agency. They sent a girl over to clean the house (let's call her Eva) and we agreed on $40 an hour. Eva, who is around 19/20 years old, arrives at my house with her little sister, about 8. I asked her why her little sister was here and she said she had no one else to leave her with. I wasn't very pleased but assumed she didn't have a choice and didn't say anything," the woman began.

"I showed Eva [my daughter Alaia's] playroom and said it was to be cleaned as well. Her sister started staring around the room, touching all the toys. I again didn't say anything. Eva started working and I went to my room to get ready to pick up a cake for Alaia and to pick Alaia up from school," she continued.

When the woman heard a noise from her daughter's playroom, she rushed in and saw Eva's sister was playing and had broken a custom glass bowl she had made for her daughter when she was born.

"At this point I was annoyed but again I held myself and told Eva to clean it and keep an eye on her sister. I went out and picked up Alaia's favorite cake with strawberries ... I put it in the fridge and left again to pick up Alaia," the woman continued.

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However, when she returned home and walked into the kitchen, she saw Eva's little sister eating a big slice of the cake.

"I have never had an issue like this before. In fact, the cleaning ladies never open my fridge or anything 'cause they have no business there. I asked Eva what she thought she was doing and she told me, 'My sister was sad and really wanted cake so I figured she could have a piece,'" she wrote.

The woman's daughter started crying and she told Eva that it was "not her place to figure whether her sister could eat something from my fridge without asking me." In return, Eva told her she was getting "mad for no reason" and should just take some money out of her pay to cover the slice of cake.

"I told her she could pack her stuff and leave with her sister and she didn't have to finish the house cleaning. She had been at the house for only two hours [out of three] but I payed her the full $120 and told her to get out," she concluded.

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Users in the comments section slammed the unprofessionalism of the situation.

"The only time you open a fridge is if you need to clean it OR when the house owner says you can get a drink from the fridge. Also you only take a child with you when you ask beforehand or decline a job if you can't leave the child," one reader commented.

"When you booked your cleaning service you did NOT agree to having a child running around the home. Honestly, Eva is lucky you paid her at all, in my opinion," another user wrote.

"I've cleaned houses before and I've always either brought my own food or eaten before/after and the times I did have to bring my child I gave advanced notice and brought entertainment for him and made it very clear he was to sit quietly and not wander. Eva did none of these things for her younger sister," someone else weighed in.

"That was really unprofessional and you would have been totally justified to report her to the cleaning agency. Just because you let someone into your home to do a job doesn’t mean they have any right to your things. I can sympathize with her not having a sitter and still needing to work but at the very least she should have ensured the child brought a book or something to entertain herself," another commented.

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