It seems as though determining the longest bridge in Texas really depends on how you phrase the question.

The longest bridge in Texas is over 2 miles long. However, another "longest bridge in Texas" runs over 3 miles in length.

Another of the lone star states "longest" bridges spans only 7,700 feet.

Ok, this is weird. There is a pretty wide margin for error when defining the longest bridge in Texas.

Ultimately, it seems that ... as the old saying goes ... the devil really is in the details.

In looking at Texas' longest/biggest/bridges, the answer stems from how the question is asked. For example:

What Is The Longest Bridge In Texas?

The answer here is the Fred Hartman Bridge in Baytown, Texas which is 2.6 miles long.

What Is The Longest international bridge in Texas?

This title goes to the Anzalduas Bridge which runs 3.2 miles.

What Is The Longest "On System" Bridge In Texas?

I don't know what "on system" means but the answer is the Sabine River/Toledo Bend Bridge at 13,196 feet.

This "on system" thing gets even wackier ...

The longest on-system bridge fully owned by the State of Texas is IH 45 Southbound crossing IH 30, US 75, and the DART Rail Line in Dallas. It is 13,192 feet long. The longest on-system bridge fully owned by the State of Texas and spanning a body of water is the Queen Isabella Memorial Bridge at South Padre Island. It is 12,510 feet long. - txdot

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What Is The Highest Bridge In Texas?

That honor goes to the Pecos River Bridge which is 1,310 feet high.

What Is The Tallest Bridge In Texas?

Here, we have to give it to the Rainbow Bridge in Port Arthur.

At 230 feet tall, it's not only the tallest in the lone star state, it's also one of the states oldest.

Highest, tallest, longest this, longest that, jeez. Could this get any more complicated?

I guess things really are bigger in Texas. Including the ways with which we define things.

I kinda got a headache just writing this, I hope you didn't get one reading it ...

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