Every trip to WTAMU's campus is a walk back in time for me. I can't see it as anything but it was: my home for 4 years, where I met my wife and most of the best friends of my life.

Melissa and I went down last week to promote WT's job fair and to see if the next Ryan Seacrest, was looking for a job. One of the first things you get is a badge. Everyone has a badge. The different colors on them, signify different things. One color, is you have a job to offer; another color if you're looking for a job, and WT grads, get a ribbon, that says "ALUM. You can see mine says "ALUM."

I felt a sense of pride when I put it on. I'm part of the continuing history of WT and I like that message it conveys. I wasn't the star QB on the football team, nor the student body president, or anything that screams "Big Man On Campus." Most of my time there was spent at the college radio station. In those days, it was all of 10 watts, and mono, but we had that station rockin' like it belonged in the big city!

I spent Saturdays in the fall, at football games at Kimbrough stadium. I learned the Fight Song, and how to sneak in alcohol, I was in the first class of "Herdsmen" whose job is to run a real buffalo, up and down the field. I join a fraternity and we had our own section in the stands. WT was still playing Division I, ball and we were beatin' everybody. I was a "Resident Adviser" at Guenther Hall for about a year. I was plenty busy and sometimes, I had time to go to class. Sometimes, I didn't.

Maurice Cheeks was burning up the boards while I was there, and the games were played in the Amarillo Civic Center Coliseum. "Mo" and I were nodding acquaintances and he was a rock star. He was and remains, a very nice guy. Future Potter County District Attorney, Randall Sims, was there when I was, but I didn't know him very well.

Truthfully, in the business I chose, not one radio station has asked to see my degree. Amarillo College did when I went to work there because I would be teaching. My degree hangs in my office and I like to think of it as proof, that I can begin a task and finish it.

WT changes every day. The building where the radio station was in the 70s is gone. So are a couple of the girls' dorms. WT won't play football at Kimbrough anymore because the new stadium opens next fall.

My degree says I have been conferred with "All the attendant Honors, Rights, and Privileges", that goes along with being a grad... I have no idea what they are, but I have them.

I had a stone cold blast (we said THAT in the 70s) at WT. When I put on a shirt with the WT logo, or wear a badge with "ALUM" on it, I feel really good. For a short time, WT was where I lived, slept, and worked. I'm proud to be one of the many.


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