We live in a world where life is busy and we have a tendency to grab and go when it comes to meals.  We tend to gravitate to the nearest fast food restaurant.  Well, that might not be the fastest anymore.

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Recently we talked about Got Donuts in Canyon and asked for a little grace for this locally owned business. They are the only place to get donuts in Canyon and seem to be doing their best to keep up with the demand.

The above instance isn't for lack of trying. This business is busting its butt to make sure they are taking care of its patrons.

What I want to address today are those restaurants that just don't seem to care.

I ran across a post in a Facebook group about the Sonic in Canyon and how horrible the service has been. I wouldn't have blinked an eye if it would have been one person, but it was multiple, all with similar stories.

The post described their experience as a driver for a food delivery service and how they wouldn't answer his buzz on the call button, or servers would pretend to walk to his car and then turn around and run off and the story went on.  This kicked off a whole list of things this particular restaurant has done to other people.

Cassidy said,

My last 2 experiences were horrible as well. I went for a bacon cheeseburger and when I opened it all that was on it was lettuce and tomato no pickles, cheese or meat and the time before that we ordered 2 drinks and waited for 45 minutes and when we called back they said we'll someone must have canceled the order...and when you talk to any of the managers they act like you're the one at fault.

I mean really, how hard is it to make sure the meat is on a burger?  I would be upset if I ordered a Bacon Cheeseburger and got a lettuce burger.

That was an interesting experience, but the one post that got me was a post by Sarah,

We got drinks the other day- every single drink wasn’t what we ordered. I asked kindly to have them fixed- they did. Except for the one that was supposed to be a slush…. [That] was brought completely liquid- then upon return tasted like floor cleaner. I took all the drinks and poured them out.

We won’t go back.

Floor cleaner?  Are you kidding me?

Now I'm not going to just pick on this Sonic, I have also seen that the Popeyes on Paramount has major issues as well.  They have had issues for years.

A lot of the complaints on many posts over and over is they close when they aren't supposed to be closed.  One man put an order through their app and it was accepted when he arrived the restaurant was closed.  It wasn't closing time yet.

My editor told me that her friend ended up with salmonella After eating from that particular restaurant.

Tooley said,

My adventures with the Popeyes on Paramount are including--but not limited to--getting in a cursing match with some guy at the order window, countless times my order being wrong, a couple of times where I was not charged for food, a couple of times I was overcharged for food and of course, the coup d'etat was when my fiance and I got violently ill a week after they had some really bad stuff going on there.

After hearing about Tooley's experience and others on Facebook, I decided to dive into Yelp.

Read Jason H.'s review of Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen on Yelp This is just one of the many reviews that isn't a positive review and it seems to be this way for many. Read Debora O.'s review of Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen on Yelp

I understand accidents, being short-staffed, supply shortages, and bad days, but this place seems to have had a bad decade.

To be fair Popeyes on Paramount received an A/99 on their last inspection.  Does this mean things are looking up?

Strangely enough, even Tooley (who narrowly avoided death by Popeye's) is hopeful

For the record, I went to the Popeye's on Coulter and that one is always bulletproof. The order is always right, the food is always perfect, and I just wish that Paramount would get their sh*t together like Coulter does.

Every restaurant has its problems. There is however a difference between struggling to keep up because you are the only game in town and just blatant unprofessionalism by the employees.  Again, I know there are "Karens" and "Chads" in the world, but when it's backed up by multiple people, you know there is a problem.

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