Too. Much. Diva. For. One Song.

Lady Gaga and RuPaul, two of the biggest fashion plates to roam planet earth this millennium, will duet on tonight's (Nov. 28) Muppets' special 'Lady Gaga and the Muppets Spectacular,' and she has shared a snippet via an Instagram video.

We were already thinking that Gaga x Kermit and Gaga x Elton John will be uh-maze on the program, but it's going a step further with RuPaul. Weeeeee!

Gaga and the fabulous drag queen perform 'Fashion!' together. 'Fashion!' is an 'ARTPOP' track, and she and Ru get dressed up and look fabulous while belting the tune.

But then again, would you expect any less from these two? They live for clothes.

Gaga shared this video clip of her and Ru doing their thing, posting: "Can I get a gAy-MEN for these two fashionistas! <3#turkies."

gAy-MEN, Gaga and Ru.

Gaga revealed some secrets of tonight's special, as well. Watch those reveals here. And enjoy this blurry yet faboosh clip of 'Fashion.'

Tune into the Lady Gaga x Muppets special on ABC at 9:30PM ET.

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