The 2014 Toyota Highlander Super Bowl commercial finds actor Terry Crews' maroon Highlander SUV commandeered by the Muppets. Is that notion thrilling or terrifying? Well, you'll have to watch and find out.

Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem are suffering from a broken down bus on the side of the road when Good Samaritan Crews pulls over to ask if they need help. At first, that's a mistake.

They hop in, instrumentals and all, and insult what he is listening to on the radio before they start performing!

There is no room for boring in a spacious Toyota Highlander, and eventually -- thanks to singing vegetables and chickens -- Crews, a former NFLer currently starring in 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine,' is quickly converted into a Muppets Band fan. It's because of his roomy ride.

He even gets shirtless and cray cray, earning more than a few questionable looks from his neighbor Kermit. 'No Room for Boring' is our new favorite song, that's for sure.

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