We all know that construction is covering the Canyon and Amarillo area. All drivers have experienced longer than normal drive times and even re-routing delays. This includes School Bus Drivers.

Canyon Independent School District is taking some heat after one of their bus drivers dropped students off over a mile away from their home. If you are a parent, you can see why this is causing problems. Kidnapping, injury, all kind of things could have happened parents claim. There are strict rules in CISD against the kids departing the bus anywhere that is not their house so parents feel the bus drivers should know the rules.

To make the situation worse, parents couldn't get a hold of any supervisors for 14 hours after the incident.

Canyon ISD Officials made a statement saying that they have had many route changes due to construction. When this occurs, their protocol is to use another route to ensure students are dropped off at the closest point possible.

Parents claim this was not the protocol that was taken in this case.

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