Businesses in the area have had it rough recently. Several have had to close. There was the fire, flooding, and whole host of other challenges that dominated the front half of 2023. This time, the challenge involved a transformer and a hit and run.

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Not That Kind Of Transformer

This has nothing to do with shape-shifting robots, at least that I know of. Instead, the transformer that was at the heart of the problem was the kind you need so that your business can have electricity.

According to a social media post, that for some reason I can't find anymore, Yellow City Street Food had to close their doors for a bit recently because somebody, or something, did a number on the transformer box behind the restaurant.

I wish I could find that picture. It was pretty gnarly.

A crew was called out to make repairs, and all of us YCSF fans commenced to crossing our collective fingers.

Today, There's Some Good News

The good news is that Yellow City Street Food is back open today. Just in time for my usual Wednesday trip.

In the social media post I mentioned above, the comment section included an update that said crews had made necessary repairs and that all would be well.


So What Tried To Tackle A Transformer?

No clue. None whatsoever. I haven't seen any updates that point to a suspected vehicle. Theories have swirled; but nothing solid. Some have pointed out it would need to be a pretty decently sized vehicle to do the kind of damage that was done.

I'll leave the worrying about who or what tried to tackle a transformer to others. I'm happy I get my cold beer and fish taco tonight.

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