In the grand scheme of things, ten years is a blink of an eye. In terms of running a business, it can feel like an eternity. Any time a business, especially a local one, is able to stay open for a decade; it's a cause for celebration.

That's why you're invited to eat, drink, and be weird with one local spot during their celebration.

Yellow City Street Food Is Celebrating 10 Whole Years

It's a big accomplishment. The celebration is well deserved. YCSF is one of, if not my favorite, spot in town. It's something they've earned with good food, including vegan choices, and great service.

I go at least once a week. I get greeted by name when I walk in. I look forward to my weekly journey. There's a lot of work done to make you feel welcome, and at home, while you're there.

I started going well after Les Claypool, of Primus fame, came through town. I still say if it's good enough for the guy who wrote that song about a beaver and did the South Park theme; it's good enough for me.

Live Music, Vendors, Lots Of Food

Seeing as how this is a 10 year celebration, you understand the desire to make this the kind of event that is representative of that fact. Of course there will be food and beer. That's not all there is, though.

Live music is also on the menu with several different artists slated to perform. There's also going to be several vendors on hand. This is a big birthday party.

It's supposed to all go down on April 16 from 3PM - 7PM.

Congrats on the 10 years, YCSF. Here's to 10 more.

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