Believe it or not, Amarillo, Texas has a rich history with live music. Talk to anyone who has lived here for any meaningful length of time, and they'll tell you stories of the concerts they've seen. Those concerts range from shows featuring some of the biggest names in music at the time, to a thriving local music scene. One of the places that took place in that local live music scene is now up for sale.

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Remembering The Heydays Of Marshall's Tavern

It's hard to miss Marshall's Tavern on 6th Street in Amarillo. You'd have to be oblivious not to notice the big sign and giant window facing the road. It was once a staple of the stretch of road that is home to a lot of local live music in Yellow City.

I'm personally friends with several musicians and singer-songwriters from Oklahoma who made the trip to Amarillo to play at Marshall's back when it went by a different name. Back then, everyone talked about playing at Austin's Pub.


The place itself is set up fairly well. My favorite part is the big window facing the street from the stage side of the building. The bar itself was pretty nice from what I remember.

There was also a decent amount of seating away from the bar. Perfect for smaller shows.

Marshall's Tavern In Amarillo, Texas Is Up For Sale

Unfortunately, Austin's Pub is no longer. It became Marshall's Tavern, and then it closed. Just do a quick Google search for "Marshall's Tavern Amarillo" and you'll see the bad news for yourself, in case you didn't already know.

Despite the closing of the musical hotspot, there's a little bit of hope. The building is up for sale. The updated pricing has been popping up non-stop on my Facebook news feed.

This means that someone with a knack for the business could come in, get the building, and bring back live music to Austin's Pub/Marshall's Tavern. I don't think there's such a thing as too much good live music.

Fingers crossed someone gets this spot and restores it to its former glory. Please, Lord, don't let it become another coffee shop.

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