I wish I could remember which musician it was that told me years ago that Amarillo was the place to be. They regaled me with tales of 6th Street, and a thriving scene of songwriters making noise in Yellow City. When I moved here several years later, everything he described seemed to have disappeared.

Why does it seem so difficult to keep up with live music in Amarillo?

Where To Find Which Bands Are Playing In Amarillo

I've searched high and low for a comprehensive resource that lists which spots in town will have live music on any given night of the week. For the longest time it felt like the only way to know what was going on was to follow a million different restaurants or band pages, and pray that they kept the info updated.

Soon my Facebook news feed was a complete disaster.


That was until I found a Facebook page that would daily do the hard work of compiling a list of who was performing, and where. From background music at a restaurant, to bar bands, to open mics; everything gets listed.

Honestly, they're doing God's work.

Amarillo Music Scene Has Become My Go-To Source

It's a Facebook page. At first that sounds a little underwhelming. Facebook pages had all been busts thus far, and I was skeptical giving this one a follow.

Over time, I noticed the dedication the moderator had. They almost never missed a day. If they did, there was a good reason why.

Last year, a post was made stating that the page would be ending due to the amount of time and work that goes into putting together the daily lists. According to them, it's a mountain of work that comes with a mountain of demands and no compensation.

It was supposed to end this year.

Then, they made the announcement this week that the page would be up for one more year. At the end of 2023, the daily list will come to an end.

Why Should We Care?

It's a fair question. The answer is we don't have anywhere else, at least that I'm aware of, that puts together a daily list of who is playing where. That leaves us having to go to every band and venue, restaurant, bar in town's Facebook page to see what's going on.

Frustrated angry man reading a text message on his smartphone blowing steam coming out of ears

That's if they remember to post it.

I'm going to be sad to see it go, if it does. The convenience of having one place to see where to catch live music is something that is going to be missed.

The post does have info regarding donations that can be made to help with the demands of keeping the list going. You can see it here.

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