There is so much live music being offered in Amarillo right now. There's jazz, high noon, and there's even music in the garden. The Botanical Gardens has fired up Music In The Gardens for the summer.

There's really a crazy amount of live music happening in Amarillo right now.

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What Is Music In The Gardens?

What's in a name? Everything.

Music in the Gardens is exactly that. It's a night where the Botanical Gardens fire up the speakers and bring in live music for everyone to enjoy.

Music in the Gardens lasts through the summer months until September.

More Options For Family Friendly Entertainment

The real draw to these types of events is the fact that they're family friendly. Sure, there are a lot of other places in town to catch a band. Not all of them, though, are appropriate for your five-year-old.

There's Food Too, If You're Into That Kind Of Thing

Another big draw for Music in the Gardens is the fact that a lot of the nights have a special food option available. Music and food in a family friendly environment.

That's pretty much everything you need for a night out.The final date for Music in the Gardens is August 25.

The Botanical Gardens have posted their entire calendar for 2022, and there's plenty to look forward to once we get into the fall months. Be sure and follow them on social media for all of the latest.

You can follow this link to their Facebook page so you can get all the latest info.

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