Matthew Perry was guest hosting Piers Morgan Live the other night and his guest was Lisa Kudrow.  The reminisced about Friends.   In the interview, they both said that if they could have gone back to 2004 they would have liked to continue with the show.  Check out the interview here.

I'm pretty sure the entire fan base of Friends agree with you both. We wish Friends could have continued and never ended. What a great show with great writing and great entertainment.

Do you think if they decided to bring Friends back to TV it would have as much success as it once did?

I could handle watching TV about middle aged Friends raising their kids. I mean aren't we all close to being middle aged now.

Can we petition to bring back Friends?

I mean other than semi-successes for most of the cast. What else are they doing?

Matthew Perry cannot seem to find a successful show.

Lisa Kudrow has had semi-success with HBO and with her online series, Web Therapy.

Matt LeBlanc is on the series, Episodes mocking his life on Showtime.

Coutney Cox's series Cougar Town, has been bumped so many times, that I'm surprised it is still hanging on. How long will TBS keep it running?

David Schwimmer, David who? His biggest success lately has been voicing a giraffe, and popping up on Lisa Kurdrow's Web Therapy.

Jennifer Aniston, would probably be the only hurdle. Her successes has been huge compared to the rest of the cast. She is still starring in box office successes.