It's the Christmas season and you have a ton of people in your life that help you out all year round. So what do you give them for Christmas? Here is a holiday tipping guide to help you.

  • The People who Help Take Care of Your Children.

    Day Care Provider: Cash is usually a good option, however if you are tight on cash then a small gift for each person who takes care of your child(ren).

    Babysitter: One evening's pay is usually suggested and a small gift from you child

    Nanny: One Week's pay or a nice gift that they would purchase for themselves.


    Since so many people take care of my child at daycare, I usually go and buy something fun and edible that they can all share.

  • Medical Care Providers

    Private Nurse: A thoughtful gift from you

    Home-Health Providers: A donation to their agency or a small thoughtful gift

    Nursing Home Providers: A small gift


    Luckily I do not have to worry about medical care providers, but I know a lot of people who do have loved ones in nursing homes.

  • Home Service Providers

    Postal Delivery: Do not tip cash, they are not allowed to accept cash tips. A small gift no more than $20 in value

    Lawn Services: Cash or Gift ($20-$50)

    Newspaper Deliverer: Cash or Small Gift ($10-$20)

    Handyman: Cash or Small Gift ($15+)

    Housekeeper: cash or gift (equal to one week's pay)


    Hmmm, maybe I'm bad about this but I have never tipped the Mail Delivery guy. I don't get the newspaper and I clean my own house and mow my own lawn. As for the handyman. He lives with me and gets a ton of Christmas presents.

  • Personal Well Being

    Personal Trainer: Cash or gift (equals one session)

    Massage Therapist: Cash or gift (equals one session)

    Hair Dresser: Cash or gift (equal to one visit to each person who works with you)


    Again, I'm a slack-off in this area. Is that bad?

  • Teachers

    Small gift from your child plus a handwritten note from you and your child.


    Ethan, isn't in school yet so I will worry about this next year.