This weekend was one of those weekends where I felt as I deserved the "Mother of the Year" award.  Make sure you read that dripping with sarcasm.  It all started with a quick trip to the grocery store for milk.

E hopped under the cart like he has done a thousand times because he just likes to ride.  We had ventured to the baking aisle to get the ingredients to for donuts for our Sunday morning breakfast.  We had hit up the milk area for milk since we were out and you cannot have donuts without milk.

So as I'm heading over to the ice cream topping section of the grocery store, the cart stalls and I keep going.  E hasn't said a word until a nice lady says sweetie are you OK.  Then the tears start and I see the blood gushing from his finger.  Yep, the stall in the cart was his finger in the wheel.

Yep, "Mother of the Year".

I picked him up and gave him a big hug.  He cried a little but I expected more out of him.  He was a tough cookie.  We booked it straight to the medical aisle for antiseptics, band-aids and gauze.  I'm thinking I can handle this at home.  We checked out and headed for the house.  When I get there and get the wound cleaned up I realized that I can't handle this myself.  His little finger nail has been ripped off his nail bed.

I called his pediatricians office, obviously got their answering service.  When the nurse called back she told me to take him to urgent care.

Poor little guy was terrified because they thought they were gonna pull his nail off.  They took some x-rays to make sure the top of his finger wasn't broken, which he thought was cool especially when they showed him his bones on the computer, then wrapped it up in a bandage.

E was happy, "Mommy they didn't rip it off!"  Off we went with antibiotics and some ointment to take care of it.

So what did his finger look like?  Well gross is the word.  I'm sorry for the blurriness.

Lori Crofford

So that was accident trip #2 in his lifetime.  The first one was when he was 18 mos old and tripped and hit his head on a garden border and had to have stitches.

So that was the drama for this mom this weekend.  I still feel like poo about it.  However, he has loved telling his war story.

So after all the drama and the urgent care visit this is how I found him when I went to check on him.

Lori Crofford