Recently, I wrote a piece about the project to restore the iconic Phillips 66 station in McLean. There was an online fundraiser to gather $500 in funds. It was brought to my attention that goal was just to get things started. The fundraising efforts continue, and there's still a long way to go.

The major project to restore the Phillips 66 station in McLean needs our help.

This Is Not The First Restoration

The iconic station that sits along Route 66 has been around for quite a long time. It opened for business in 1928; almost 100 years ago.

The station is recognized as the first Phillips 66 station in Texas, and in the late 1970s it officially closed for business. In that time, it has been taken care of as a treasured landmark.

The first restoration was in 1992. The restoration made the Phillips 66 station in McLean a must see location for those traveling along Route 66.

Thirty Years Later, And This Panhandle Icon Needs Some TLC

Thirty or so years of facing the brutal elements in the Texas panhandle have led us to today. While the Phillips 66 station is still a much beloved Route 66 landmark, it is in desperate need of some care.

The Old Route 66 Association of Texas is taking up the task of restoring the historic landmark; thirty years after the first restoration.

As you can probably imagine, this is an expensive undertaking. Funds and materials are needed in order to get the restoration done.

What Needs To Be Done To Restore Phillips 66 Station In McLean, Texas

The roof needs to be replaced. Mortar needs to be fixed to help stabilize the station. The iconic pumps and the truck will also all need to be refurbished and painted.

The Old Route 66 Association of Texas is asking for materials and even labor when the time comes. Of course, they're also looking for monetary donations. Their website shows that they've raised somewhere in the vicinity of half of their overall goal.

You can visit their website at this link to get more info on the project, and to learn more about this Texas panhandle landmark.

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