The bond between a mother and son is special and that bond is even tighter in this heartbreaking video.

Joe Fraley wrote and performed an original song for his mother, who's in Hospice care while battling Alzheimer's.

The song resonated with Fraley's mother, who clapped, smiled and then stood up to tap him on the shoulder, seemingly in appreciation.

As Fraley wrote in his YouTube description:

My Mom's health has deteriorated rapidly over the past few months. But I went to see her the other day and she had more life that I had seen in ages. I played her a new song of mine and her reaction made me really happy and I wanted to share the moment. Alzheimer's is a very bizarre disease. Things can go up and down so fast. Enjoy the good times.

Well said. The video is definitely bound to strike a chord, even if you haven't experienced the pain Alzheimer's can inflict.

Watch the entire video below.

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