This is not a joke. Matthew McConaughey has been tabbed the Minister of Culture at the University of Texas for the new basketball facility. The facility won't be open, or even built, for several years, but that hasn't stopped McConaughey from getting started.

Here he is this past weekend getting in on some action on the Texas basketball bench:

This isn't out of the ordinary for UT, and McConaughey was on the sidelines for most, if not all, the Longhorn football games in 2018, plus a ton of practices. He and Coach Herman are bros now.

Here is McConaughey discussing with Rich Eisen what he might be able to accomplish as the Minister of Culture:

I'm not entirely sure what the job title means or what McConaughey's duties will be, but I'm immediately jealous and want Texas Tech to have its very own alum as Minister of Culture.

Two things about this. First thing, I don't love the job title 'Minister of Culture,' and there could be an improvement there. Second thing: I think Texas Tech could use any of the ex-athletes to fill this role, but I don't think that fits the job.

Dallas Braden, Wes Welker, Danny Amendola, Patrick Mahomes and BJ Symons all still do a great job for Texas Tech as advocates and fans, but it's not really the criteria we're looking for. Actor, celeb, musical talent is more in the wheelhouse for Texas Tech's Community Involvement Czar. (Is that better?)

We could workshop the job title later. For now, here are 10 options for Texas Tech to consider for Minister of Culture.

1. Barry Corbin

Corbin has been in a thousand things, but you might remember him from Lonesome Dove, Dallas, or most recently, The Ranch. He's Talk 1340 show host Ryan Hyatt's front runner for the Ministry of Culture.

2. George Eads

Eads, most notably from CSI, graduated from Texas Tech in 1989. He might not have the clout of McConaughey, but you can spy some Texas charm in the interview below. Also, and I'm not saying this is a positive or negative it's just a fact, he shot Justin Bieber in an episode of CSI. Food for thought.

3. Brad Leland

Brad Leland, AKA Buddy Garrity from Friday Night Lights, is definitely high on my list as Czar of Community Involvement at Texas Tech. Though he kind of reminds me of another Lubbock personality that I just can't place. He did something with cars and public trust? I'll probably think of him later. Leland graduated from the school in 1980.

4. G.W. Bailey

Bailey attended Texas Tech in the 60s, but never finished. That's alright, alright, alright with me. You probably recognize Bailey because he's got one of those faces, but he's also been in a ton of stuff. M.A.S.H and St. Elsewhere on TV, and also incredible movies such as Police Academy (1,2,4,5)  and Mannequin.

5. Johnny Hardwick

This is an underrated entry on the list. Hardwick is a standup comedian who was at Texas Tech in the 80s, but you probably know him as Rusty Shackleford, AKA Dale Gribble. You might say this is a reach, but am I the only one who allows his mind to prance outside the box?

6. Colby Donaldson

Survivor legend. The host of the greatest show on The History Channel related to shooting guns for sport, Top Shot. Also, as far as resume builders go, here is this gem from "It is estimated that over 2,000 babies were given the name Colby in 2001 because of Donaldson's popularity." If that doesn't scream Minister of Culture, I don't know what does. Easy front-runner right now. Mostly because Top Shot was so awesome.

7. Pat Green

Grammy-nominated artist that cut his teeth in Lubbock while attending Texas Tech. Seems like a logical choice. Honorable mention to his buddy, Cory Morrow.

8. Josh Abbott

Also a country artist, Josh Abbott is the most vocal Texas Tech fan on the list. He's been in and around the athletics department for the last several years. Maybe it's time to go all in? How would Abbott look in a scarlet suit? Pretty damn good.

Bonus: All the Josh Abbott Band members are Texas Tech alumni.

Double Bonus: This song.

9. Natalie Maines

There's been some slight controversy in Maines' history with Lubbock, but she's one of the most famous names from the region. Also, the only woman on the list that fit the criteria. Lubbock or Leave It.

10. Ric Flair

Arguably the greatest hype man of all time. No affiliation with Texas Tech, but he's done these two things, which might be the strongest resume on the list.

Who did I snub off the list? Who should I add? Let me know on the Talk 1340 Text Line: 806-855-3712.

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