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This may be the hardest list to do. I mean I covered my favorites from the 80's no problem. I covered the 90's yep got it. Each of those time periods only covered ten years. I feel the next category of music from now can really cover anywhere from 2000 until now.

I mean it doesn't really seem like 2000 was 20 years ago....but alas it was. I still feel all of those years should be represented. Again I have so many that I love because I have memories of times with my daughter. Whether we were travelling on volleyball road trips or just having big sleepovers at my house. These were the years that my daughter really had an impact on my choices of music.

I didn't know who Taylor Swift was until she played me her song "Tim McGraw" Faith found it on the internet and wanted me to hear. I have since taken her to see Taylor in concert. So music has always been a big part of both of our lives. Again judge all you want but these are some of my favorite from 2000 and on.

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    Oops I Did It Again - Britney Spears

    So this was the first concert Faith ever went to and THIS was her favorite song. Now the show she went to was in Lubbock. I don't know if you remember but that was the one where Britney was on stage for like 3 songs and then the show was cancelled. There were not many happy people in the audience BUT Faith was. She got a t-shirt and Britney performed this song. Faith didn't know that a concert should have been more than 3 songs so she was OK.

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    So Yesterday - Hilary Duff

    Faith was a HUGE Hilary Duff fan growing up. We even went to see her in Lubbock. In fact Faith won a Hilary Duff look-a-like contest so the four of us got to go back stage and meet her too. So yeah Hilary had to make the list. Who didn't love Lizzie McGuire back then or even now with the reboot? THIS was one of the songs Faith loved.

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    Hollaback Girl - Gwen Stefani

    All the kids at Faith's elementary school would sing this song. I'm pretty sure they still to this day sing the song when they need to spell B-A-N-A-N-A-S. You had to admit THIS song was pretty catchy even for us adults who loved to sing it too.

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    I'm Real - Jennifer Lopez & Ja Rule

    This was around the time Faith started liking more than the poppy songs. THIS one when we would be in the car we had to sing our own parts. She would sing Jennifer Lopez's part and I was supposed to sing Ja Rule's portion. So to this day I still love THIS song and think of all of our time in the car singing along.

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    Lose Yourself - Eminem

    Of course Eminem has been huge. He has won Grammy's and even an Oscar for this one. I have to have Eminem on this list because let's just say he is my guilty pleasure artist of the 2000's. THIS is a great song.

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    The Middle - Jimmy Eat World

    THIS song I heard for the first time when I was working out at The Fitness Lounge. My trainer and I had a workout that used this song. I can still remember some of the exercises. The funny thing is that when I heard it I really thought this song came out sometime in the 80's or early 90's and I just missed it. Nope it came out in 2001. All I know is I love it ever time I get to play it here on Mix 94.1.

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    High Hopes - Panic At The Disco

    OK this song came out in 2018 and from the moment it did I thought it would make a great song to add to the rotation on Mix. I have yet to get to play it. Yes, I AM bitter. I mention this often to my boss. I love THIS song.I played this song for my daughter when I was moving her to the Dallas area. It is definitely a song to pump you up for changes in your life. She needed that.

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    Girls Like You - Maroon 5

    It is hard to find a song from Maroon 5 that I don't like. I mean Adam Levine. Am I right? THIS song is one of my favorites. So yeah, there is that. Anytime I play it I can guarantee I am singing along to it.

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    Can't Stop The Feeling - Justin Timberlake

    THIS is another song you can't help but like. You can't help but sing along to it. Even dance to it as well. I can't say that you will not catch me doing just that in the studios. I mean it's from Trolls too so even the kiddos love it.

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    Want To Want Me - Jason Derulo

    Can you tell I love songs that make me dance? THIS is another one. I was so happy when I started at the station and realized I would get to play this one. Never got songs that made me dance like this at that other station.

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