Up until 1983, the most top 40 hits off an album would be about three or four.

That all changed when Michael Jackson released, what would become his biggest album ever, 'Thriller.'

The 'King of Pop' would be the first male artist to rack up five hits off the same album on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. 'Thriller' would actually rack up six hits total.

Do you know who was the first female to achieve five hits off the same album?

Here are your hints:

  • It would be from her debut solo album
  • The first hit would be released in December of 1983 and the last would be exactly one year later in December of 1984.
  • She would go on to win the Grammy for 'Best New Artist' in 1984


Here are the five hits from her album 'She's So Unusual.'

  • Girls Just Want To Have Fun (#2)
  • Time After Time (#1)
  • She Bob (#3)
  • All Through The Night (#5)
  • Money Changes Everything (#27)





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