We don't yet know if NBC's '30 Rock' will find a place to return Elizabeth Banks as Jack Donaghy's now-ex-wife Avery Jessup, but ABC's 'Modern Family' isn't about to leave the 'Hunger Games' star in need of work. We've just learned that Banks will reprise her 'Modern Family' character from way back in season 1, filming her role next week for a 2013 episode. Will she be the same wild party girl, or have a 'Modern Family' of her own?

'Modern Family' certainly hasn't been hurting for guest stars in its fourth season, featuring the likes of Matthew Broderick, 'Star Wars' vet Billy Dee Williams and Shelley Long, but now one returning name will be added to the list. According to Entertainment Weekly, 'The Hunger Games' and '30 Rock' star Elizabeth Banks will reprise her role as Mitch and Cam's party-girl friend Sal, having last appeared in the first season.

This time out however, Sal will be hanging up her hard-partying ways to plan a wedding of her own, likely enlisting a bewildered Mitch and Cam's help for the effort. Banks will film her return episode next week, with the outing due for air sometime in early 2013.

What say you?  Are you excited to have Elizabeth Banks back for 'Modern Family' season 4? Who would you like to see guest in the future?

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