Today, I came across a social media post about a restaurant in Amarillo, Texas, that served as an excellent reminder for us during the holiday season. If you don't know the whole story, it's probably best to keep your mouth shut. At least keep your "mine doesn't stink" attitude to yourself. You know what I mean.

Times Are Tough For Most Of Us In Amarillo

It's no secret. The economy sucks for the average person. Most of us have to hold down at least one full-time job supplemented by a part-time job or some side hustle. We're working long hours, and having to figure out how to live life outside of the workplace when we finally get a chance.

Enter the social media post about a mother, a restaurant, and her kids.

Hats Off To Those Doing What It Takes In 2023

The post was written with a highfalutin tone that reeked of imagined self-importance. As if running to the internet and pointing out how horrible this situation was would somehow lead to slaps on the back and the gratitude of a faceless horde of admirers.

The situation was a mom doing her best to do her job while taking care of her children, while working at a busy restaurant.

The father was getting off the graveyard shift and was on his way to pick up the kids. The mom did what she had to do. Take the kids to work until their dad can get there.

For All The Managers, Bosses, and Business Owners That Care...We Thank You

We know this because the manager of that store chimed in and told everyone the whole story. The manager also made sure to point out that they care about those they work with.

The comment section, thankfully was full of people who seemed understanding of this mother's situation. Hell, I've had to take my kids to work with me on more than one occasion. It's part of life.

Before you go pointing a finger and shooting off your mouth, be sure to think about why you're doing it. It also doesn't hurt to have the full story.

Be kind to one another this holiday season. It's the reason for the season, or so I'm told.

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