I work a lot....and my daughter, Faith, does too. So it is a rare occasion that we get to spend time shopping or going out to eat.

Not too long ago Faith and I had one of those rare evenings. We went shopping at Kohl's for something she needed. Then we decided "hey let's go grab dinner," of course, I wanted one thing and she wanted another.

We settled on Applebee's because it was close to Kohl's and Faith said they had good margarita's and on special. So Applebee's it was.

Of course as with any time that Faith and I go shopping....she left her wallet at home. You know....because good ol' mom will pay. Right?

Oh, but on this unfortunate occasion that means she also does not have her driver's license on her......and she hasn't been 21 for that long....so no doubt she will get carded and no doubt she wouldn't get her much sought after margarita!

We weighed out our options....go back to her apartment and grab it.....which, come on, I get up at 4 am! I really didn't like this option because that would get me home much later.

The other option Faith didn't like....which meant no margarita for her. So she wasn't really all that happy.

I thought about it a bit.....and a stroke of luck. I remembered that she, not too long ago, lost her license and we got her a new one. Yep....she found her "lost" ID not that long after.....so that dear ol' mom put that in her purse.....just in case.

Yep, I searched through my wallet and there it was....so score! Faith could have that margarita that she longed for.

We got inside....sat down.....decided on food and drink....with ID in her possession....and ordered. Victory was hers...I guess since mom and daughter were together for dinner....they didn't ID her.....because of course. All of a sudden I was not the hero anymore....just the one picking up the tab!


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