As a mom of six kids I obviously have a wide variety of attitudes and characters.  I can handle them all, except the defeated child.  I am sure most parents of large families have at least one, and I of course had to be normal.


This attitude of defeat goes against the normal grain for my husband and I.  We have been through it all, and have been through it all together, and made it.  Not always without a skinned knee or a hurt heart but we have made it.  Defeat is not an option for us, and it is something I am trying to instill in my children.  No matter what, get up and try again.

One of my kids is having a difficult time learning this lesson.  He is the second to youngest.  Yet he has so far been the last to learn how to open a carton of milk at school, last to learn to swim, lasts to learn to ride a bike, last to learn how to shower himself.  It took him an hour to learn how to buckle a seat belt himself.  Then it took him half an hour to learn how to open the door by himself.

But I refuse to feel defeated.  I refuse to allow him to grow up a defeated man.  I am not sure how or when he will get empowered but it will be my goal to get him there.
Have you ever had to deal with this attitude in a young child?  How did you manage?  What lessons can I have him go through that will teach him differently?  Any help you Moms and Dads can give would be amazing…

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