Light the Movie Sign: Mystery Science Theater 3000 is officially coming back for a few new season of episodes.

About 14 hours before the deadline of their current Kickstarter, MST3K hit its top goal of $5.5 million. That means the show will not only return for a 13th season, it will produce the maximum number that the crowdfunding campaign offered — 12 brand-new episodes plus 12 new shorts. In addition, the Kickstarter will help fund the creation of “The Gizmoplex,” a dedicated website that will be the online home of Mystery Science Theater 3000. The new season will premiere exclusively there, and members of the Gizmoplex site will also be able to rent or buy classic MST3K episodes as well.

This is MST3K’s second successful Kickstarter campaign. After a long hiatus off the air (the show was originally canceled by the Sci-Fi Channel back in 1999), the show raised over $6 million from more than 48,000 backers in 2015. As a result, Mystery Science Theater returned with the two new seasons that ended up premiering on Netflix. At present, the new Kickstarter is not quite as successful as the first — as of this writing, the show has raised about $5.7 million from about 32,000 backers. Still, there are still about nine hours to go before the Kickstarter ends. It’s not too late to contribute and get a pass to the Gizmoplex website and apps, buy packs of classic episodes, or a variety of other perks like shirts, posters, thanks in the credits, or even online workshops with series creator Joel Hodgson or the show’s puppeteers.

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