So I must be behind on my TV viewsing.  I have this habit of always getting into TV shows that get cancelled after one season, and the shows I should get into, that last 7 seasons, I don't watch.  So I have had several people in the last few days give me the "what you don't watch this show?  You HAVE to watch it."


I kind of feel like Andy Samberg, I might have to go find a TV viewer bunker to catch up on all these shows.  I asked my guy last night if he wanted to see me again?  I mean if I'm gonna get into these shows, I'm gonna have to take a weekend or two or 12 to binge watch these shows.

So what shows are on my list to binge watch?  First of all, I hear that this is the must see show.

Game of Thrones - I have been warned that I cannot invest in any character on this show because the minute I do, well, I have heard the spoilers and I know apparently a lot of people die during big events like weddings on this show.  It looks like a great show and I don't know why I never did get into it.  I guess I'll just have to jump on my HBOGo and check it out.

Mad Men - I never watched this show either.  I will say I am behind the game on all the great AMC shows.  I was late to the game with Breaking Bad.  I binge watched that show and got caught up before the final season aired.  I didn't get into Sons of Anarchy until right before the 6th season started.  I will tell you I watched all 5 seasons of that show in less than 2 weeks.  5 seasons x 13 episodes that lasted at lease an hour and some of those episodes were 1 1/2 hours long, over 70 hours.  I digress, I was told, that Mad Men was an excellent series and Jon Hamm was a genius in the show.  I guess he must of been since he took an Emmy home last night.

Lost - Yes, I did not watch one episode of this show and for some reason I have been lucky not to know how it ends.  I have a general idea it was one of those, really? endings, but I do not know how it ends.  So I will have to go back and watch, all 7 seasons I believe.

So any other binges I should take?  What show are you binging on right now?

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