I go through phases on what music I listen to. Usually I'm lost somewhere in the New Wave 80's music, but lately I have dropped a decade back and have been digging the more popular hits and some, not so popular hits, from the 70's.

Today's MyPod ties in nicely with last nights Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Inductees. The class of 2011 includes; Leon Russell, who had regained some media attention with his work with Elton John, Alice Copper and Neil Diamond.

I caught a Neil show in San Diego in the late 90's and it was one of the best show's I have seen. The stage was set in the center of the auditorium and he sang all the hits, including today's pick on MyPod.

Heartlight was inspired by the movie E.T. More specifically, the scene where our little alien leaves Earth, for home, and his heart gives off a red glow. Can you say, "Bye Bye, Billy?" It was written by Diamond, Carol Bayer Sager and (then husband) Burt Bacharach.

A couple on notes: The writers had to pay Universal Studios (who put out the movie) $25,000 for using ideas from the film.

Also, Kenny Loggins was about to release a song with the same title, but to avoid confusion changed the title of his song to "Welcome to Heartlight."

This would go on to be Diamond's eighth and last Top 5 hit on the Billboard Chart.

So, grab some M&M's, fire up your DVD player and enjoy this week's MyPod pic from Neil Diamond and turn on your "Heartlight."

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