Texas is a massive state with an insane number of towns scattered from border to border. It seems impossible to keep up with every single town located within the confines of the Lone Star State; partially because they keep popping up. The youngest town in Texas was incorporated just two years ago. How many years separate the oldest and youngest towns in Texas?

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Nacogdoches, Texas; The Oldest Town In Texas


The oldest town in Texas, according to the information that's out there, is none other than Nacogdoches. If you've never been to Nac, I highly recommend making the trip. I lived there for a while, and it's gorgeous. The people are friendly enough not to be called mean, and the town is full of history.

One of my favorite stories about Nacogdoches involves the Marx Brothers when they were traveling. They took their stage show to the iconic Texas town and were less than enthused when the limelight was stolen by a runaway mule.

Nacogdoches likes to take credit for giving the Marx Brothers their start. Supposedly, that's when Groucho was born, as he began hurling insults at the crowd.

Nacogdoches was founded in 1779.

Ellinger, Texas; The Youngest Town In Texas


While people had been hanging out in Ellinger for a while, it wasn't incorporated. In 2021, a vote for incorporation was held. Then a vote for mayor and a couple of commissioners. Two years ago, Ellinger was officially set up.

So, how many years separate the youngest and oldest towns in Texas?

242 Years Separate The Oldest And Youngest Towns In Texas

That's a long time. There's a lot that happens in 242 years. I've only made it through 40 and can't remember every little thing I've experienced.

To put it in perspective just a little, Nacogdoches is only three years younger than the United States of America. Ellinger isn't even three years old.

Welcome to the party, Ellinger.

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